Rolling Social Events


We are Rolling Social Events!
A Leeds-based events company owned by Sam Fish and Bruce Lerman, co-founders of Leeds Rum Festival and Leeds Gin Fair.

Our Brands

Having partnered up to host the hugely successful Leeds Rum Festival at Leeds Corn Exchange — which this September celebrates its 5th year – Sam and Bruce launched Leeds Gin Fair in 2019, again at Leeds Corn Exchange and again a roaring success.

Together they realised that they have a lot of great ideas, a lot of industry contacts, and a lot of knowledge; they wanted to create more events, events that people have not experienced before; it made sense to put them under one banner — so Rolling Social Events was born.

Believing that the future of hospitality is all about the experience, each event Rolling Social create promises to connect their guests through food and drink.

Rolling Social’s events are not just about having a boozy session — they are about respect, knowledge, education, history, discovery and celebration.

We never oversell tickets (‘it’s not about making a quick buck and disappearing’) because we are committed to bringing quality to our customers and inviting them to explore the experience.

Rolling Social Events aim to support the small independents alongside larger brands and our events so far have attracted names and speakers from all over the world.

Bruce Lerman
Bruce Lerman
Sam Fish
Sam Fish

Rolling Social Events was established in 2020 by two of the city’s most respected names in hospitality — Samantha Fish and Bruce Lerman.