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“A History of Scotch Whisky”

“A History of Scotch Whisky”

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Alec Morgan, Whisky fanatic and Regional Sales Manager for Ian Macleod Distillers will take you through a tasting of five Single Malts from the Glengoyne Distillery giving an insight into the history of Scotch.

They’ll cover the whisky’s history from creation of Uisge Beatha (‘water of life’) through early forms of Pot Still whiskies that were farm produce for the local community, and a brief history of Glengoyne.

You’ll find out about the invention of the Column Still which led to the creation of grain whisky and the resulting blends that took Scotch Whisky around the world concluding with a look at the emergence of Single Malt as a category in the 1980s and how popular that category has become today.

Glengoyne won’t be bamboozling you with chemistry of a Friday night but you can expect to discover some details of distillation in the cool way that Glengoyne do.

In the pack is 25ml each of:

Glengoyne 10YO
Glengoyne 12YO
Isle of Skye 8YO
Glengoyne Legacy Vol.2
Glengoyne 21YO

All delivered free to your door along with your invite to join the party on Zoom, a printed guide to the evening, and of course access to the great minds of Glengoyne.

You don’t even have to leave your home! We look forward to welcoming you to another great Sip Along.

Indulge in your favourites or explore something new.