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Nowadays, there’s a growing amount of interest in the provenance of products. Where we source materials and who makes them has never been more important to consumers.

It’s rare to find a  spirit brand with such dedication to supporting the workforce behind their product. Celebrated as the first certified Fairtrade spirit, Fair continue to ensure that the farmers behind the liquid get their fair share. 

Paul Bungener, global brand ambassador and sales director for Fair, will lead us through this tasting. Paul brings over a decade of experience working with Fair, and we’re thrilled to have his guidance for this session. 

With this digital session, we look at products that are not just delicious but unique in their makeup and production. This Sip Along will explore rum, gin, vodka and cocktails using flavoured liqueurs. 


Fair vodka – created with Bolivian quinoa and single distilled in France

Fair gin – infused with organic botanicals from Uzbekistan and France

Fair rum – blended with three and six-year-old rum from Belize

Fair Kumquat – a zesty fresh alternative to triple sec

Fair Café – produced using organic and fairtrade coffee beans from Mexico


At Rolling Social Events, we aim to create experiences that our guests remember, so please stay hydrated and drink responsibly.


Each tasting box will include:

1x 25ml Fair Quinoa vodka

1 x 25ml Fair Juniper gin

1 x 25ml Fair Belize rum

1 x 125ml espresso martini featuring Fair Café liqueur

1 x 125ml cosmopolitan featuring Fair Kumquat liqueur

A secure zoom link to the online session.




A unique tasting of Fairtrade spirits

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